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CLEAR Wireless Internet.
Super Fast 4G Wireless Internet is Here.




CLEAR On-the-Go Internet turns an entire city into a wireless hot spot

Get Clear® 4G and get the fastest wireless internet in the nation. CLEAR turns entire cities into wireless hotspots, so you can access 4G internet speeds at home, on the move or both. The innovative Clear WiMAX network lets you download TV shows, watch live sports, stream movies and video chat on the go, as fast as you would at home. That’s the power of CLEAR, super fast wireless internet.

Five Reasons Why CLEAR Internet is Better:

With CLEAR, you get wireless internet speeds as fast as you would get with a home DSL or cable broadband connection. CLEAR enhances your online experience and gives you the ability to get online virtually anywhere you go in the CLEAR coverage area. Affordable plans for home, on-the-go, business and voice let you choose how you want to experience 4G WiMax.

  1. It’s Faster - Get wireless internet at broadband speeds. The Clear USB modem is the fastest in the nation*.
  2. It’s Affordable - Plans start at $35/month. Get wireless internet straight from the company that started 4G.
  3. It’s Convenient - Get wireless internet access across the entire nation with Clear Internet+.
  4. It’s Easy - We send you the equipment. You plug it in & get online. It's that easy and it’s great for people of all ages.
  5. It Uses the Latest Technology - Powered by WiMAX technology, CLEAR is the leader in 4G wireless internet.




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